Georgia Roberts
Advocate & Trainer

Georgia is a passionate advocate for vulnerable people and is keen to allow people to see life from her lived experience as someone who has successfully coped with barriers that did affect her.

Georgia is 22 and has known that she has been affected by FASD ever since she can remember. She had a difficult start in life and was 15 months old when she and her older sisters were taken into care and she has been successful.

Georgia has lived with FASD and other conditions through her time in mainstream full-time education.Georgia has appeared on the TV in documentaries about FASD and has more recently spoken to MP's on how FASD has affected her life and contributed in face to face training. She as spoken to Steve Barclay when he was Secretary of State for Health & Social Care and Launched the alcohol and pregnancy tool kit for midwifery teams along side the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England. She is currently seeking ways to make more people aware of the condition.