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Field of Enterprise developed from my life experiences working with Children and Young People from September 1984. The independent training and consultation role was established in March 2012, based on many years of employment working with vulnerable children and young people.

Over the years, especially since I became a foster carer, it became apparent that many people faced significant barriers to achieving and reaching their full potential. Increasingly I was working developing avenues where young peoples voice could be heard and valued and promoting the needs of those vulnerable individuals in our communities.

In the past I was England's only Advanced Skills Teacher for Enterprise Education. I spent a year working within the Bedfordshire School Improvement Partnership promoting Enterprise Education and Student Voice and Leadership before becoming one of 11 Virtual School Heads for Looked After Children on the Department for Children, Schools & Families VSH pilot. I moved to another VSH post before developing an independent training and consultancy role specialising in removing the barriers that affect vulnerable children and young people throughout the UK. Of course young people turn into adults and increasingly our work is starting to focus on their needs too.

I am an expert in the impact that FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) can have on individuals, families and our communities as well as the challenges faced by those who have suffered Adverse Childhood Experiences.

I have worked with various Government Departments in England & Wales including Education, Health & Social Care, Digital Media & Sport, Business and the Treasury. Also various agencies including OfSTED, the Secondary Schools & Academies Trust, NICE, BASW, HMI and Public Health England. Training has been provided for numerous Local Authorities in England, Wales & Scotland.

Training, Collaborative working and Consultation has been provided for an number of charities including the National Organisation for FASD, Adoption UK, BAAF and the Fostering Network.

I also work in collaboration with the National Organisation for FASD, KCA Training and AC Education

Individual work has been commissioned to support individuals and school develop the best environments for Teaching & Learning over many years.

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